The mother of all...pills

Mark Conley

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One day, while working in the vehicle maintenance shop, SrA Snuffy accidently dropped a 30 pound object on his non-metal toe equipped foot. A couple of days later, ole snuffy noticed that foot was rather large, and red, and hurt quite a bit. So without further ado, he makes for the emergency clinic like a herd of turtles to get it looked after.

He was examined by a physcians assistant and told to sit out in the waiting area, and his treatment would begin shortly. Soon, an Airman handed him a rather large pill, telling him to take it and sit down, as he would be back shortly.

Snuffy looked at this pill carefully. He had heard of horsepills before, but this had to take the cake. It was the largest pill he had eer seen. About the size of a can of grapefruit juice, this pill had to be the mother of all pills. But orders were orders so ole snuffy hiked himself ove to a water fountain, and by breaking , chewing and swallowing with liberal amounts of water, managed to get the offender down. he then returned to his chair to wait on the Airman.

By and By the Airman returned to the lobby, carrying a towel and a large pot of steaming hot water. Turning to Snuffy, he said "okay lets have that tablet i gave you to sit with. I have to get it dissolved so you can soak your foot a while. Well Airman; cough it up."

Snuffy did as he was told, although he was no where near the bowl when he did. :D