The Man On the Side

Mark Conley

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During the annual cannon movement, assembly, and firing rally at one of Great Britains most prestigious schools for officers, an observor noticed a very peculiuar item. It would seem that no matter how many teams would be engaged in the sport, or how rough the event was for the team, there was always one team member who, at a certain point in the contest, would stand at attention off to the side of the action while the rest of the team assembled, loaded, and fired the weapon.

Research on his own failed to give an answer. finally, the man broke down and called the school to ask the question of what purpose this man served, since it didnt seem to him that he had any purpose. The school master took the question, and told him he would reply as soon as he had an answer.

Around two weeks later, the man had his reply. The mans purpose? Originally, it was to hold the horses that drew the cannon to its location. Although in the modern age the horses had been replaced by mechanization, the rules for the contest still required the same number of personel as originally required to support the weapon.

Tradition reigns when rules dont change.
Thanks for the story Mark.

This one does not surprise me at all...
take a hike? why you sure can....just put one foot in front of the other and try not to let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya :D

Of realize this means war! Bugs Bunny, circa 1942