The Longest Day


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OK, so all I do in my spare time is watch war movies - there are worse hobbies I'm sure.

Flight Officer Campbell: The thing that's always worried me about being one of the few is the way we keep on getting fewer.

Brigadier General Norman Cota: I don't have to tell you the story. You all know it. Only two kinds of people are gonna stay on this beach: those that are already dead and those that are gonna die! Now get off your butts! You guys are the Fighting 29th!

Flight Officer David Campbell: He's dead. I'm crippled. You're lost. Do you suppose it's always like that? I mean war.

Lieutenant Colonel Benjamin Vandervoort: You can't give the enemy a break. Send him to hell.
I've had several debates regarding this quote in my Bible class at school. I of course am loyal to what Hal Moore said in his prayer in We Were Soldiers ("Oh, yes, and one more thing, dear Lord, about our enemies, ignore their heathen prayers and help us blow those little bastards straight to Hell. Amen again.")

John Wayne (I forget the name of his character): Sometimes I wonder which side God's on.
Just look at it, gentlemen. How calm... how peaceful it is. A strip of water between England and the continent... between the Allies and us. But beyond that peaceful horizon... a monster waits. A coiled spring of men, ships, and planes... straining to be released against us. But, gentlemen, not a single Allied soldier shall reach the shore. Whenever and wherever this invasion may come, gentlemen... I shall destroy the enemy there, at the water's edge. Believe me, gentlemen, the first 24 hours of the invasion will be decisive. For the Allies as well as the Germans, it will be the longest day... The longest day