The Japanese government should apologize to Koreans.


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[FONT=바탕] The Japanese government should apologize to Koreans.[/FONT]

[FONT=바탕] There were many Japanese bad actions during World War II. The Japanese carried off Korean women for sexual slavery during World War II. Unit 731 did medical experiments on prisoners and now the Japanese government has distorted the history about Korea and has not apologized to Koreans for the things they did.[/FONT]

[FONT=바탕] Japanese soldiers carried off Korean women for sexual slavery during World War II. During World War II, Japanese soldiers wanted women for sex so the Japanese army[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s commanders carried off Korean women for sexual slavery. The Japanese took away forcibly through lying or coercion. The Japanese abused their force. After sex, Japanese soldiers killed almost all of the Korean women who were sexual slaves. Many who survived this couldn[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t forget what happened. They couldn[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t talk about their melancholy because if they talk about their melancholy, that would be not good for their life because unfortunately they are not chaste people so people might have thought about the victims as not good. Some of the underdogs can[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t have a baby so they haven[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t married. Some of the underdogs have had clinical depression. Many casualties said, [/FONT][FONT=바탕]I want to live like quite normal woman especially I want to marry and have a baby.[/FONT][FONT=바탕] In 1990, Korea created a group for the casualties. Up to 2003, they have found 218 victims. According to records, there were 147 bottom dogs still alive in Dec, 2003. The bottom dogs have requested the Japanese government[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s apology but the Japanese government hasn[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t apologized and hasn[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t recognized their savageries. People who were sexual slaves felt mistreated so they started to prove about the Japanese government[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s brutalities. (Especially called military service comfort girls)[/FONT]

[FONT=바탕] There were also Unit 731[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s atrocities during World War II. During World War II, Japanese army created Unit 731. Unit 731 gave pain to many Koreans through human body experiments. Unit 731 did cruel experiments on live Koreans. For example, when it[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s a spell of cold dry weather, Japanese let people outside and put hands in very cold water. Then the Japanese checked people[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s hands with hammering. There were also poison experiments on live people. Even though the Japanese (Unit 731) did savageries the Japanese government still has not apologized to Koreans. [/FONT]

[FONT=바탕] Now the Japanese government distorts history about the Japanese actions in Korea and still has not apologized to Koreans. There are so many wrong reports in the Japanese history textbooks. For example, the Japanese carried off Korean women. However, in the Japanese history textbook, it is written differently. There was no talk about coercion in the Japanese textbook so Japanese people usually don[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t know about their atrocities. Many bottom dogs are feeling mistreated about the historical distortion. The Japanese government should correct history and apologize to not only Korea but also China, the Philippines, the Netherlands and Burma because they have people who were damaged by the Japanese. They don[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t request difficult things but an apology. [/FONT]

[FONT=바탕] Some people believe that in the past the Japanese government gave money to the Korean government so the Japanese bad actions were forgiven by the Korean government. This is not true. The Japanese government gave the money to Korea but that money[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s purpose was not about the Japanese barbarities. That money[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s purpose was to make good diplomatic relations. They didn[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t mention about military service comfort girls (sexual slavery) and Unit 731.[/FONT]

[FONT=바탕] According to this, the Japanese government should apologize to Koreans. The victims have requested the Japanese government[/FONT][FONT=바탕]s official apology. In this case, an apology means to recognize their fault then say [/FONT][FONT=바탕]Sorry![/FONT][FONT=바탕] to the victims and change one of the Japanese system. For example, the Japanese have to change their history textbooks and get rid of the system that worships at shrine. The Japanese government should think about the preys feelings mistreated. If the Japanese government apologize to Koreans Japanese won[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t do wrong things like their barbarities which I mentioned and Korean casualties feeling will be better then they can die in peace but otherwise Japanese don[/FONT][FONT=바탕]t realize their brutalities so they may do wrong things again and Korean victims will feel mistreated like now even before they die. As a result, the Japanese government should apologize to Koreans. [/FONT]

Excellent post, bullpup13. I agree that the Japanese government has their heads in the sand about owning up to all of their atrocities during World War II. For example the rape of Nanking, China comes to mind.
Its a mix of nationalism, pride, and racism as to why the Japanese dont apologize. An apology to the Japanese is taken extremely seriously. There are a group of Nationalists and Revisionists that refuse to conceed to Japan was indeed the aggressor in WWII. Which is why they feel no apology is necessary. There is another group (the largest IMHO) that is simply ashamed about the entire Greater East Asian War (Pacific War as called by the Japanese). There shame is because Japan was at fault for the wars origin, they are ashamed of the atrocities committed by all sides, (including the A-Bomb) and I suspect they are ashamed that Japan lost the war. Finally there is a racist element that hates to Koreans (and to a lesser extend the Chinese) and feels nothing but revulsion at the idea of apologizing to them no matter the reason.
Take a look at the Armenian Genocide thread, and I think you will see much the same mentality that drives Japan and its ridiculous denial of warcrimes. Some nations childishly decide to drag their people along into an overwhelming need to deny things as proveable as the fact that the Sun is shining on a clear day at noon. Is it puzzing? Yes! Is it likely to change at any point? I'm doubting it.

There are two approaches to facing something your nation did in the past that was utterly monsterous. 1.) You can do like the United States does with the Native Americans and beat yourself up and be guilty and very very sorry. (Afterall, you can't take it all back, can you?) 2.) You can make like a crack addict and deny that there is, was or ever will be a problem and that everyone else is just picking on you/making it up/whatever.