The History Channel Presents - Barbarians


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Is anyone watching the history channel special all this week on the Barbarians? Last night they profiled the Vikings, and tonight at 8 with be the Goths, followed by the Mongols at 9. This aint your dads documentry, I mean this is high quality history, complete with tons of graphic violence :D

Anyway, for those interested in this time period, or the fall of the Roman Empire, Id suggest tunning in tonight :D
I saw that! I've been waiting for it for months ever since I heard the first ad back in Dec. It was so awesome. Tonight is the Huns and Mongols I think, last night was Vikings and Goths. Set your VCRs everyone!
Yea the lack of blood really detracted from the experience. I was hoping for something more along the lines of Gladiator. The barbarians are being portrayed as violent blood-loving ass-kicking killers, but they don't like it without blood.
I've seen some stuff on the history channel thats pretty dicey. Stuff worse than a little blood. Hey how can they keep it PG when 80% of their shows are about wars and such?