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This is a USAF tradition one is introduced to at a Dining-In. Does anyone know where it comes from?

For those who don't know a grog is nasty drink (ours is made in a toilet bowl) that is made of a variety of disgusting things, which you are forced to drink by the President of the Grog for doing 'stupid things.' If you screw this process up you have to go again!

Some has asked for a "Point of Order", recited a poem/rhyme/been creative implicating you in a stupid activity/minor crime... What do you do?

Directions for Grog::
1. Try a rebutal (maybe both of you go instead )
2. No Speaking if sent!
3. March (corners square) to the bowl
4. Salute the grog
5. Pour yourself at least 1/3 cup full
6. About face
7. Toast the mess
8. Drink all at once!
9. Invert your cup above your head and tap it
10. About Face
11. Replace cup
12. Salute the grog
13. March back to your seat.

Leave stories of reasons you've been grogged and nasty combos you've heard of/had to drink.

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And an instant reply to my own post... oops.

Some reasons for being grogged.
1. broke two drill team sabers
2. woke up late on competition day for drill comp
3. ripped a car door off while on leave...don't ask
4. got married and changed her last name therefore messing up the rest of us
5. turning your very first long sleeved blues shirt green plaid (that would be me)
6. because i feel like it and have a spiffy rhyme
7. forgetting a copy of orders when going on TDY (me again)
I think most branches has something similar to that, in some way or another.

In the Artillery we have the Saint Barbara celebration were we "knight" the ones who has done the biggest "mistakes" during the last year.

An everyday tradition in most of the Army is that the one responsible for things like the ones you mentioned has to buy one meter of beer (10-12 pints) at the Friday beer-call in the officers mess.
The beer-calls after a week long battalion exercise can become a very "dangerous" thing..
lots of "incidents" during the week = lots of free beer.
Mix that with very little sleep for a week, and you can try to imagine the rest... :lol:
Well in the Infantry we have had our experience with grog. All of the company commanders add a few choice liqueurs from the units history and adds them to the grog. The youngest Soldier at out of each squad has to ensure that the rest of the Soldiers cups are full (like the NCO ball ceremonies). I can tell you from experience grog is not to be taken lightly. There was an entire conference hall full of NCO's from CPL to CSM drunk beyond recognition from one single kettle of grog. E-9's are completely different people when they can't even remember their own names. They were hitting on other peoples wives and crazy stuff like that. I'm sure all of you NCO's out there have experienced the NCO ball and know what I am talking about.
oh yes..grog and grog bowl...i remember it well

I was at the table at a dinning in with my NCOIC and my supervisor. For some darn reason, my bowtie kept falling off into my plate while i was eating. Since one of the rules of the mess was "That your uniform must be to standards" My NCOIC noticed it kept falling off, and turned around to inform the mess of the situation. Between the time he was speaking to the mess and their reply, my supervisor grabbed the tie and taking a safety pin out of his pocket, rapidly pinned it back into place. When the mess directed their attention to the evidence...well it wasn't in the plate anymore.

He went to the grog bowl twice that night..once for reporting an obvious non-discrepancy...and later on when he told the spokesman of the mess where he could stick his own bowtie... :D

We all did have fun that night...
Ah! We had that at Summer Camp! ^_^

Summer Camp was made up of companies, but there was one Platoon separated from the rest, the Leadership Platoon. Dude, they were the black hats. Don't disrespect them, do whatever they say, yes sir and no ma'am, sometimes we were even scared to look at them, which was weird since they weren't ever mean. Just... Their hats, their position in the Platoon, gave them power and respect. LOTS of respect.

Anyway, during breakfast, lunch, and dinner, whatever we didn't drink (and I mean all the companies) we poured into this huge drum that sat next to the trash. No one knew what it was for, but it was filled with everything. Milk, bug juice, food, trash, a nasty mix.

Well, my boyfriend was in Leadership Platoon a couple years ago - before he graduated - and it turns out, on the last day, the LP got to eat dinner where the officers and cadre eat, which was a real fancy room next to the regular mess hall. No one ever saw in, we only knew we had to salute the officers and cadre going in and out.

So this last meal for the LP was in there, and they had a "game" where squads would challenge each other with trivia. Someone'd raise their cup, challenge a team, and ask a question. If the challenge-ees got the question wrong, they got to drink from the Grog Pot. If the question was answered correctly, the challengers had to drink from the Pot. Ugh...
Fortunately i never screwed up so i was never sent to the grog but two cadets in my squad were, they were about to throw up after they did it, they were sent there because they walked away from an officer or something like that, something really small, but it was hilarious
Grog was served in the Royal Navy from the very early days until the 1970's. Grog consisted of a ladel of Rum and a ladel of water and it was issued free every day on board ship.
The acctual tradition of the grog is when old infantrymen were fighting for the west, they would often share their drinks with one another, ensuring that each of the men had enough to drink. they would pour all their spirits into one bowl and thus: BEHOLD THY GROG! it became very potent and dangerous, but it quickly created a feeling of comradery among the troops. now-a-days, the grog is used during formal and informal military celebrations. it consists of whatever the grog master puts into grog at my military ball consisted of hawaiian punch, gatorade powder, chocolate syrup,strawberry sundae topping, and sprite....I had to drink sucked...
speaking of hangovers, when you drink alcohol, the liver uses sugar from your blood to help break it down, therefore leaving your brain short of sugar, id est leading to a hangover. However if you eat sugary snacks like chocolate etc, you will crash, so the key to not getting a hangover is eating decent savoury food whilst drinking. Or so my MO friend says.
babyboy4u363 said:
speaking of hangovers, when you drink alcohol, the liver uses sugar from your blood to help break it down, therefore leaving your brain short of sugar, id est leading to a hangover. However if you eat sugary snacks like chocolate etc, you will crash, so the key to not getting a hangover is eating decent savoury food whilst drinking. Or so my MO friend says.

:lol: Wishful thinking, that's all that is.
Navy Rum Issue

It is rumoured that as Lord Nelson didn't agree with corporal punishment, he suggested that the men who transgressed should forfeit their daily issue of rum. The sailors apparently sent a petition, respectfully asking that flogging be re-implemented rather then forfeiting their rum issue.