The First Sergeant that could read minds...

Mark Conley

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At one time in my life, i met a man who could read minds...sort of

We had an army First Sergeant at that combat course, who it seems, could always tell when someone lied to him. Any time you went to his office for the wall to wall (WTW) counseling session...he could always discern at what point your story turned south and he would expose your lie. Time after time, he was alway correct. And it wasnt that he had great spies reporting to him: it always came down to the person itself when ever he caught you in a lie or not that proved to be the final judgement.

Now, for the first 2 1/2 years, i did not have the chance nor the reason to visit with this man for a WTW session: seems like i was too much a goodie-goodie for it all. Well there finally came a day where I did do something sorta wrong by army standards, and i was sent to his office for the first time.

What I expected was a large, loud voiced counseling session with threats and lots of angry body language: what I got was a comfortable chair, with a plate of cheese and crackers on a table beside it. This kinda put me off, as I was called in to this office just shortly before lunch, and despite him being the "enemy" and stomach was rumbling. So at his invitation (he had a plate and cheese too) I decided to mix business with pleasure and dig on in to those delights.

Well by and by the questioning got around to the problem at hand, as to whether or not i had seen the guy who had taken a jeep out joy riding and wrecked it. Well he had suggested some names, but they werent the guy who did it and i felt safe...right up until he mentioned the correct one. When i tried to answer in the negative, it was like my whole mouth just went dry: the cracker and cheese i was eating got caught between north and south and i darn near choked.

Now that reaction is normal for a person with a normal fear response: saliva shuts down, the mouth gets dry and having a water intensive snack like cheese and crackers doent help matters. In an instance, the sergeant knew his answer, and politely informed me that he didnt need to talk to me any more at that time. He then informed me if i told anyone else what was going on with the snacks, that he would personally tear off an arm, and place it in a fundemental orrifice of my body.

Well his secret has been safe for 20 years...until now. Recently i heard about his passing on, and I think its time to reveal his mind reading secret.

God Bless you 1st Sarge..RIP
Very clever but evil trick! :twisted:

Sorry to hear that he has passed away....