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I've been reading everything I can about the Marine Corps because I am seriously considering joining. I feel that the most honerable thing I will have done in my life is becomming a Marine...
Call me !KrrrAAAZZZY! but I can't wait for Boot Camp but am confused as to when the Crusible events takes place..I've read, so far, all the topics on the Crusible and may have skipped the part of when it occurs..

On usmc they say that the Crusible will take place on week 8 but on it says that the Crusible will take place on week 11.

I know the wise thing would be to trust the official website for the Marine Corps in that it is week 8 but I need to clear up some of that confusion..

Thanks for any help
Okay well I'll tell you what there, I have a schedule from my marine recruiter. According to the paper, the crusible takes place in week 11.
It's designed to test you on everything you've learned at boot camp. So of course it's at the end of the road. After the Crucible, you are given your EGA and called "MARINE."
It depends on where you go to boot camp at, MCRD Parris Island or MCRD San Diego. At Parris ISland it is week 11 and at San Diego, it is week 8 I believe. Either way it s a blast. OOH-RAH PI!!! 1st batt, B Company, Plt. 1012

Actually, because a lot of peoples parents were complaining, they no longer do the EGA ceremony the morning after the Crucible, they do it on Parent's Day, the day before you graduate, so that your parents can see you be pinned, so to speak.
Oh. Well that blows! I always imagined getting pinned while I was a dirty sobbing mess. I guess now I'll be a clean, shaven, squared away sobbing mess :D

i thought boot camp was only 9 weeks, aren't i right? so it has to be in week 8.

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