The Bravest Man

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One evening, the USMC Commandant, the CNO, Chief of staff of the Army and the Air Force were having Dinner discusing different Defense issues, old war stories, etc. And somehow the topic of bravery came up, each service claiming that that it had the bravest man, the issue was disscussed for hours until it was finally agreed that the only way to truely find out a servicemans courage was to test 1 of each branch.

And thus the next day, the Service Chiefs headed out to one of the local bases, first went the Chief of staff of the Army, saying," My service has the bravest man,"the General yelled to a Pvt." Private, catch this Grenade!!" the General pulled the pin on the Grenade, tossed it to the Private, the Private thus caught the Grenade, but lost a Limb in the explosion."Thats a brave man" said the General.

Next came the Commandant of the Marines, " I have the Bravest man"
he then instructed a nearby PFC to stop an Amtrack, the Corpral succeded, but was run over, " Thats a Brave man for Ya" commented the General.

And then was the Air Force, " Gentleman I give to you the bravest man, the General stepped aside, behind him about 100 yards away stood a Staff Sergeant with his arms out seeming ready to catch something, about 10 seconds later a bomb was dropped from an f-14, the Sergeant caught the bomb, but was incinerated by it's blast, " That was a brave man Gentleman.", said the General.

Finally the Chief of Naval ops. stood from his chair and said, " I will now show you the bravest man and settle this once and for all. The Admiral pointed to a Seaman on the look-out deck of a ship docked in a nearby port and handed each o0f the generals a pair of binoculars, he then held up a hand held radio, and said "Seaman, come in."

"Yes Sir" replied a quivering voice.

"Seaman, I want you to jump of that ship into the water, touch the bottom of the ocean, and come back to the surface, unharmed and alive" said the Admiral.

A few seconds past and then the seaman replied as he laughed, "Forget you Sir!!"

The Admiral turned to the Generals and said, " a brave man"