The art of Thread Making.


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I am just posting a thread on the very art , of making a good solid thread complete with a topic that can sustain itself, without causing undo flame wars or disappearing to the bottom of the forum with maybe 3 views in the course of a slow month.

But our legends at the IMF can surely testify on what makes a good thread, a thread the can supply interesting debate or humorous discussion, and truly represent what a forum is. So, hopefully some good tips or tricks can be shared to break my dry spell.....ehem,

I mean share what makes a forum like the old Vegas strip at night, or a ghost town.

Simple question, hopefully a simple answer.

First off, the thread title has to be something catchy. In order to keep it from dying a quick death, the topic has to be something people are interested in, whether its a serious thread or all in fun. As to how to keep the flame wars out.....I have no clue. I will say that this caught my eye and I'm interested in what certain members have to say on the subject. :)
Sadly, almost any thread I've seen that does make it to Vegas Strip status tends to become a flame war sooner or later because there's always one person who feels the need to argue just for the sake of arguing, and they always manage to bait someone...
You have a point, Steliga. If only people would realize that this is just the internet and these silly fights and flame wars mean nothing in the grand scheme of things.....yeah. This place would be a lot more peaceful.
Yup. It would be nice if that were the case. But, this is the internet...and anyone can be tough on the internet. ;)
Yup. It would be nice if that were the case. But, this is the internet...and anyone can be tough on the internet. ;)

You are now reading, Yossarian's: "Upon Manners"

No kidding, it almost makes me feel strange that I don't pick fights on the interenet out fear I may find out that person is a true bad$$ and truly does know what he is talking about and I run into them in a coffee shop somewhere and have to answer for my online sins...

But the good, solid, well reasoned threads I have seen here vandalized with thoughtlessness and disconcern for the author causing their thread to be shut down.

As for interest, I always shy away from picking a topic I do not have first hand experience in. And I always respect the professionals and their trades in a certain field. That's just who I am, if your in the armed services. I never claim to know more than you about what you do than you do (common sense dictates I don't, really)

If your from another country, I do not claim I control the weather there and know more about where you live than you do.(same reasoning)

If only there were ways to combat via prevention the cyber terrorism that has attacked really good threads here before :/ .

Just show common courtesy, show some common manners, try to put yourself in their shoes at least, and listen, I have seen a variety of ways of looking at things by reading other opinions here, and when you sucide bomb the whole thread with flame comments, you might as well be pushing the other kids off the swings at the playgound at that point, and really nobody likes that.

At least try if all else fails, I hope certian cyber terrorist google this and at least read if, if I can learn, so can you. :/

And guys, if you disagree, I still value your disagreements, and no hard feelings, it's a forum, if you can't debate here in the cyber world, then all that good in humanity is truly lost, and if thats the case, and if anarchy has burned down and consumed the IMF city hall, they Ill start the resistance movement.;)
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Great post, Yossarian!!

If we had a little bit more of that from people despite differences of opinions (which I will admit, I need to do it more to), that would help streamline conversation and creative debate much more nicely or appropriately.

Lol if I wanted to yell and scream ridiculously at people and be a complete twat, then I would just go to work or spend the holidays with my family on a vacation somewhere.

You can still hold true to your post while still being respectful of others.


It's good to be open minded on things, but not so much that your brains fall out!

Do this and you don't have to talk about being nice and seem all smug and goodie two shoes like I must appear like right now lol