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Here's some more info on the Arjun MBT to read and decide for future matches :

Comparisons between some MBTs :m16shoot: :biggun:

Arjun mk.1
Length: 10.19 m / --- m (overall, gun forward and hull length)
Width: 3.86 m
Height: 2.32 m
Clearance:0.45 m
Weight: 58.5 ton
Engine: 1400 hp
ptw: 23.9 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.84 kg/cm2

Length: 9.53 m / 6.86 m
Width: 3.78 m
Height: 2.23 m
Clearance: 0.45 m
Weight: 46.5 ton
Engine: 1000 hp
ptw: 21.5 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.87 kg/cm2

Length: 9.53 m / 6.89m
Width: 3.59 m
Height: 2.23 m
Clearance: 0.46 m
Weight: 41.5 ton
Engine: 780 hp
ptw: 18.8 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.83 kg/cm2

Length: 9.66 m / 7.01 m
Width: 3.60 m
Height: 2.20 m
Clearance: 0.45 m
Weight: 46.0 ton
Engine: 1250 hp
ptw: 27.2 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.87 kg/cm2

Merkava IV
Length: 9.04 m / 8.78 m
Width: 3.72 m
Height: 2.66 m
Clearance: 0.46 m
Weight: 65 ton
Engine: 1500 hp
ptw: 23.1 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.90 kg/cm2

Leopard IIA6
Length: 11.29 m / 7.72 m
Width: 3.74 m
Height: 2.79 m
Clearance: 0.49 (rear) - 0.54 (front) m
Weight: 62.5 ton
Engine: 1500 hp
ptw: 24.0 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.93 kg/cm2

Length: 9.87 m / 6.88 m
Width: 3.71 m
Height: 2.53 m
Clearance: 0.5 m
Weight: 54.5 ton
Engine: 1500 hp
ptw: 27.5 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.90 kg/cm2

Challenger II
Length: 11.55 m / 8.33 m
Width: 3.52 m
Height: 2.50 m
Clearance: 0.5 m
Weight: 62.5 ton
Engine: 1200 hp
ptw: 19.2 hp/t
ground pressure: 0.90 kg/cm2
It was inducted into the army on 7 th August 2004 , don't have an exact number though about how many are functional.
Some more info on the Arjun MBT:


Arjun MK1





Looks nice actually.
Dunno about placing the optics smack in the front of the turret armor but I'm sure the designers had their reasons.
I don't know if the turret looks weird so much, but it could use a better focus on sloped armor. Flat panels on the turret, IMO provide a better target for an armor piercing round. Sloped turrets deflect direct hits at least to some degree. Still, it looks to be an excellent tank on the whole.
The turrent (flat front) looks alot like Leo 2 A4, well maybe not much besides it beeing flat but i hope you get what i ment with it ;)
The first Speculation on the Arjun's front was that it's pretty thick. I've seen pictures and the welds are pretty far back.
Hey, no offending here, just a question, cause I heard somepeople once mentioned:

it just looks nice---the design put too much for the apperance.
and I also heard it in fact will not be used in battlefield, only will be used for training is true?

and, I saw somebody in other room talk about T-98, can you do some comparison? I could not find the data about T-98 from your list. THANKS

And I am think how this can be linked to anti-bush :lol: :lol:
T-98 posts elsewhere in this forum.
"It looks nice" is simply an observation. Not an assesment of quality. But it somewhat does apply since it includes things like angled armor.
well Arjun mbt is a good tank at an whole and is not at all a bad achievement as it is only the first arjun to be developed .Next variants would be much better .at presnt India has 124 of them ,among its huge fleet of Russian tanks.
latest news is the no is going to near 496 soon ,and most of it will be mk-2 version ,and they have much more sofisticated french and israeli components ,and will create havoc in battle field.
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The arjun had a lot of problems of reliability, now are they arranged?
Well this is the only MBT of my knowledge who has a 125mm gun L55 rifled and who can fires ATGM. It has a good firing range.