Texas Country Musician? (the real deal)


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I know this question will make some scratch their heads. I assume many northerners still think Toby Keith, Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, etc... is country music. Were I come from you have two kinds of country, "nashville" country, and Texas country. Texas country is by far, more popular in Texas. To put it more simply Texas country is to country, as indie rock is to rock and roll.

For anyone who can relate to this, who is your fav. Texas country musician?

example: Reckless Kelly, Roger Craeger, Randy Rogers, Charlie Robison, Pat Green...

In my opinion Randy Rodgers is the best musician of the genre. His guitar/fiddle solos are mind blowing. Nothing beats packing a fat dip (after school) and listening to some Texas country on the road.
Well, I'll show my age here but Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Paycheck, Charlie Pride, Eleven Hundred Springs, Johnny Rodriguez. Texas country is the white man's blues.
Nelson.He came to Huntsville once...we packed that place out for him too. Granted it was an older crowd, but music is music.
Kevin Banford is a local guy from texas that has some great albums out. He had a song in the movie Straight From The Heart.