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Sitting in a civilian class one day are two fresh-from-camp boys. Well the lecture is pretty boring and sure enough one of them falls asleep. A minute later his buddy leans down and says right in his ear "RECRUIT! ten-HUT!"

(As you can imagine the poor guy snaps to attention in the middle of the class, upseting his desk in the process.) :lol:

This really happened; I know both guys involved!
Sgt Butterball (name is changed, obviously :lol: ) tried to do that to me in church right after I got back from Ft. Knox, but I'm way too quick witted. Or deaf (but don't tell nobody). :wink:
MunitionsAirman said:
i feel sorry for him... i bet a lot of people got a laugh out of that one and the instructor was pobably pissed
Yes on both counts! :lol: And I would feel sorry for him...if he hadn't sent me to the grog!
Similar enough story to the last one so here goes. A bunch of us were in a car when one guy falls asleep. His 'friend' leans over and yells "STANDBY!" The poor guy snaps awake and was jumpy for the next hour. :)

On a side-note: Someone had Reveille as their cell phone ring! :evil:
In ROTC, we cant chew gum, have our feet on the chairs, talk out of turn, etc. or we will get bends and thrusts. Whenever someone does something wrong, the SGTMAJ would always say, "(insert last name here), bends and thrusts! 25 of them! Why?" and the person would have to say what s/he did wrong. One poor kids got bends and thrusts at least 3 times a day for various reasons. One day the SGTMAJ said "(last name), bends and thrusts! 25 of them! Why?" and the kid said "Because i have gum." The SGTMAJ said "Do you really? 25 more. Why did i give them to you the first time?" The kid says "My feet were on the chair." SGTMAJ says "They were? 25 more. Why did i give them to you the first time?" The kid thinks and says "Because i was talking?" SGTMAJ says "Bingo! 25 more!" When the kid is shocked and asks why, the SGTMAJ says "If you're going to do 75 of them, you might as well do 100!"

The SGTMAJ also likes to play "sudden death jeopardy" to review for tests. That means that he asks questions to everyone in the squad and for each person that gets one wrong, they have to do 50 bends and thrusts and the squad leader has to do 25. For the "double jeopardy" round, the person would do 25 and the squad leader would have to do 50. (he also made up the squads by grades, so first squad had D's, 2nd had C's, 3rd had B's, and 4th had A's....much to my dismay, I was 2nd squad leader....and there were 9 kids in my squad. On a good day, I had to do 550 bends and thrusts. This past year, I've had to do thousands of them, and I've never been in trouble!) Anyway, that same kid I mentioned earlier always got his questions wrong (and was in my squad). The SGTMAJ liked to pick on him, so he would ask the kid 5 or 6 questions in a row, because then he would have to do over 100 bends and thrusts. He used to tell the kid "You may not be the smartest kid in the class, but you sure as s**t will be the strongest"
Some people like to do this to me when I am piss drunk falling asleep they'll yell ATTENTION!! to which I invariably snap to... last time I was then marched to the cab.

I have no personal recollection of the events for some reason.