TDY rules

Mark Conley

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Well, lets suppose it might be true…. :D

One day, a marine joined the Pope, and Mother Theresa in line as they waited at the pearly gates to get into heaven.

St Peter looks at the pope’s book of life and goes “ what an exemplary life! However, I noticed that you lied to your teacher when you were eight years old! The pope goes “ but I was eight years old! And I have repented since then! Can I please enter heaven? St Peter says, “I’m sorry, but a sin is a sin. You must go to hell” :firedevi: And slowly, off to hell he went. :?

This got the marine’s attention right quick. “What chance do I have of getting into heaven if they wouldn’t let the pope in because of a lie” he thought. :roll:

St Peter now turned his attention to Mother Theresa. He picks up her book of life, and thumbs through it. He turns to her and says “ What an exemplary life you had! However, I found out that you stole a pencil from your friend when you were six years old!” mother Theresa said “ But I was so young! And I have repented since then! Please can I enter heaven? St Peter says, “I’m sorry, but a sin is a sin. You must go to hell” :firedevi: And slowly off to hell she went. :cry:

Now the marine was wide-eyed! “Wow” he said! He kept the pope out of heaven for a lie! And mother Theresa from entering heaven for a pencil! My book must be full to the brim after the first page! What chance do I have? And he slowly turned and started off to hell. :(

“Wait a minute marine,” said St. Peter. “We have to look at your book first” “Why”? Said the marine. “I already saw what happened to the worlds two best people. Why wait around?” “Well its just the way its done up here” said St Peter. St Peter opened the marine’s book and began to read. He grimaced after the first page. :( His eyes popped out after the second. :shock: By the time he had finished the book his face had gone through so many shades of red you’d thought a parade of women of Ill repute had marched through. :oops: The marine began to turn away. :(

“Well marine” said the voice behind him ‘ “Welcome to heaven. Get in there and behave yourself. And St Peter had opened the gate and was motioning the young marine in. :D

“Well gee” said the marine. “I don’t understand” You kept out the pope for a lie. And mother Theresa for a pencil. Yet I am allowed into heaven after that book of crimes? Why?

Well said St Peter, with a wink and a nod, “ You of all people should know that what happens when you are TDY stays on the TDY”. :wink:

TDY=Temporary Duty. (For those of you who didn't get it...)

(I actually had to look it up myself... :oops: )

It's a good one now that I understand it.. :D
Heh, that's a pretty damned good joke there. I'll keep a note of that if I ever get into any big SNAFUs in the future whilst on TDY when I get in the Army.
TDY - Temporary Duty????? Oh my I'm in trouble now, all these years in the Air Force I've thought it meant Temporary Devorcee for a Year.

Should I go to confession, or just straight to the couch?
Okay I'm laughing, and secretly hoping my Marine (okay former for the second time...) never did any of those :shock: things.....*sigh* :mrgreen: