Taiwan's New Submarine Hai Lung Version 2 [Zwaardvis]


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Sweet if Taiwan can make this kind of sub: FOLLOW THE USS ALBACORE!!

Specifications: More Than 3,000 Tons Submerged

Propulsion: ***Diesel-Electric***
4 Bronswerk/Stork-Werkspoor RUB 215X12 Diesels, 4 Alternators, 4 Motors, 4 Propellers, 4 Shafts, 4 192-Cell Batteries ( All For The Purpose Of Independent Work )

Speed: 14 Knots Surfaced AND 10,000nm @ 14 Knots. 32 Knots Submerged.

Dive Depth: 300 Meters

Crew: Maximum 79 Including Officers

Torpedo 8 x 21" Bow Tubes
32 Torpedoes---AEG SUT Torpedo, Dual Purpose, Wire-Guided, Active/Passive. Homing To 12 Kilometers At 35 Knots, Warhead 250 Kilo.

Missiles Feng 2 SSMs

Sinbads M Combat System
Spectrum Data/Combat System
Signaal ZW-07Surface Search Radar
Signaal SIASS-Z Passive/Active Hull Mounted Sonar
TB-16 Passive Towed Array

Cost: 450 Million Dollar Each
300 meters doesn't sound like much. Maybe it was an exaggeration of the movie but if I remember right U-571 went down to 500 meters without imploding.
Well I'm not up on all this navy talk, so I have nothing to offer you as far as commentary goes.
It's like that old saw, better to remain silent and have others think you are a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
Do Not Blame Me

Diesel Submarines Are Not That Strong. Even Though The New Submarine Is Using HY-80 Steel Alloy. It Can Not Go More Than 300 Meters. Sorry.
Taiwan Media Reveals US Submarine Sale to Taiwan

According to Taiwan media, with US decision to sell submarines to the island there has arisen a new trend, Taiwan can almost be assured of getting "American-made" German submarines.

Taiwan's China Times cited Taiwan's military sources that the US government has agreed its Northrop Grumman shipbuilding corp's negotiation on the types of submarines, contract, price and other matters with Taiwan, the US side will send personnel to Taiwan for negotiation as soon as possible.

America announced submarine sale to Taiwan last year, "the US submarine sale group" ever flew to Taiwan for meeting last September, both agreed on working out a 3-year plan.

The US invited capable builders to attend the meeting openly and choose submarine types, then will sign agreement with selected builders three years later.

According to Taiwan media's estimate, through six years' construction Taiwan navy is expected to get its first submarine purchase in 2010.

The US openly invited bids last October, American Northrop Grumman, GE and Holland, Spanish, Australian and German manufacturers participated in the bidding, rivals finally rest on Northrop Grumman and GE.

Not long ago, the US government sent letters, agreeing Northrop Grumman to negotiate submarine type, contract and price with Taiwan.

Although the two US companies compete for the deal, they have to cooperate with Germany or Holland as German, Holland governments have made clear that submarine technology export will not be allowed, thus delaying the deal for a time.

However, the US continues to manipulate the matter confidentially and is seeking "goods supply". Taiwan describes US action "as quiet as submarine".

Recently, news reports about submarine construction are rife. The first concerns US's One Equity Partners (OEP)'s acquisition of German HDW's 75% share. Next is HDW's decision to co-build small submarines with Italy's Fincanieri, then is European Commission's approval of US's purchase of HDW. The last one is about OEP's collaboration with Northrop Grumman, about Northrop Grumman's acquisition of HDW's 20% share.

Taiwan media pointed out that the series of matters seem to be favorable for Taiwan.

Nevertheless, after OEP purchased HDW's share, spokesperson of HDW said that no matter how the share will be transferred, HDW's export license will have to be finally issued by Germany. When HDW decided to collaborate with Italy, the spokesperson expressed that "the move has nothing to do with Taiwan". German chancellor also denied the deal and said that Germany will not sell submarines to Taiwan.

The series of reports are in a way disappointing Taiwan. So Taiwan media say "Taiwan's submarine dream is broken".

However, sources knowing about military sale revealed on June 4 that US decision to sell submarines to Taiwan is never shaken, the US will send personnel to Taiwan in August and let Taiwan make evaluation and decision.

Slava ('Romeo' class) patrol submarine

Displacement: 1,830 tons submerged
Dimensions: 76.6 x 6.7 x 4.9 meters/251.3 x 22 x 16.1 meters
Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 2 diesels, 2 shafts, 2,700 hp, 13 knots
Crew: 54
Armament: 8 21 inch torpedo tubes (6 bow, 2 stern; 14 torpedoes or 28 mines)

Concept/Program: Survivor of several ex-Soviet Romeos in Bulgarian service.

Operational: Restricted to shallow diving. Not a useful combat vessel.

Velebit midget submarine

Displacement: 99 tons submerged
Dimensions: 20.9 x 2.7 x 2.4 meters/68.6 x 8.9 x 7.9 feet
Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 1 shaft, 49 hp, 7 knots
Crew: 4 + 6 divers
Sonar: Atlas Elektronik

Concept/Program: An ex-Yugoslav midget extensively rebuilt to include an onboard diesel generator.

Builders: Split SY.

Kronborg (Nacken class/A-14 type) submarine
Displacement: 1,218 tons full load
Dimensions: 57.9 x 5.7 x 4.1 meters
Propulsion: Diesel-electric + AIP, 1 diesel, 1 shaft, 1,500 shp, 20 knots
Crew: 19
Sonar: Atlas CSU-83 suite
Armament: 6 21 inch torpedo tubes (8 torpedoes), 2 15.7 inch torpedo tubes (4 torpedoes)
Former Swedish submarine transferred 2001.

Tumleren (Kobben) class (Type 207) small coastal submarines
Displacement: 524 tons submerged
Dimensions: 46.61 x 4.6 x 3.8 meters (153 x 15 x 12.5 feet)
Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 2 diesels, 1 shaft, 1,700 shp, 17 knots
Crew: 18
Sonar: PSU 83
Armament: 8 21 inch torpedo tubes (8 torpedoes)
Former Norwegian subs, German built. To be decommissioned by 2003.
Katsonis class (Type 214) submarines
Displacement: 1,700+ tons submerged
Dimensions: 64 x 6.3 meters
Propulsion: Diesel-electric and AIP, 20 knots
Crew: approx. 30
Armament: 8 21 inch torpedo tubes
German-design; first to be built in Germany and the others assembled
in Greece.

Glavkos class (Type 209/1100 and 209/1200) coastal submarines
Displacement: 1,207 tons submerged (second 4: 1,285 tons submerged)
Dimensions: 54.1 x 6.2 x 5.9 meters (177.5 x 20 x 19 feet)
(second 4: 56.1 meters/184 feet long)
Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 4 diesels, 1 shaft, 5,000 shp, 22 knots
Crew: 31
Sonar: CSU 83/90 suite (second 4: AN626 passive, AN406 active)
Armament: 8 21 inch torpedo tubes (14 torpedoes + Harpoon SSM in
first four)
All German-built. First four recently overhauled and upgraded.
I've been in a couple of subs, but it's a bit too claustrophobic for me.. :?

I like the free and open nature and montains much more.. :D

But sub movies are cool. Das Boot is a great movie!!

Have you been working in a sub Solomonwanca?