Syria's Puppet President get's 3 more years...


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This is a shame, and will definetly affect the situation of Peace In the Middle East. It is because of Syria that the Beeka cannot be cleared of the terrorist camps. So far, the US and France have stepped up In attempted support of Cardinal Sfeir, who is the most outspoken of the anti-syrian occupation opinion. The US and France are attempted to get the UN to interfere In this new term, but the UN, as we all know, Is very hesitant when working with a certain arab socialist political party :roll: Let's hope the people of Lebanon, be they Maronite, Shiite, or Druze, work to build a society free of Syrian control.
Not talking about the Baathists, are you?

Were it not for the Bekaa Valley, my (and most folks') interest in Syria would drop dramatically.
That's good. This way a new can't blame the last admin in power when we invade them for haboring terroist organizations.

I believe Syria, Iran and N. Korea are, and always have been, a bigger threat to the United States than Iraq ever was.