Sword Point by Harold Coyle


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Has anyone read this book if you haven't and like more of modern warfare you should read it. If you want to know the plot it's based during the Cold War and the Russians invade Iran. The US doesn't want this to happen and go into Iran as well and we all know what happens. Except the Irani Fanatics don't want the Russians or the US there so they come up with a plan to rid the world of both the "Greater and Lesser Demons". The book doesn't really deal with the Politics behind it which is nice and he has developed his characters very nicley and continues them in a series. This is the first book and it is great, if you haven't read it DO IT NOW! :twisted:
If I could find a copy of Team Yankee I would but I can't find it. I think my mom threw it away :x Im currently reading his third book Bright Star. Great author!