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i was putting together a survival kit for hiking. i've done this a couple of times before but for some reason i'm never satisfied because i say it's too heavy. my first kit had a small pocket knife, strike anywhere matches in a film canister, flint, two glow sticks, a cd (signal mirror), space blanket, and i kind of worked up from there. i'm trying to keep things as light as possible. i found out that pocket knife accounted for more than half the weight. so i'm looking for an alternative. i thought of getting one of those already put together survival kits. but that seemed way too commercial. but that SAS survival tin looked small and light, something that would be perfect. anyone have suggestions?
needle and thread

water purifying tablets

clear plastic sheet for gathering water (like the SAS are trained to do).
needle and i haven't thought of that one. what exactly could i use that for?
To fix your clothes in case they fall apart, comes in handy.

To pick out splinters, parasites, and stuff from you skin with the needle.

You can make a compass out of the needle if you know how.

In extreme cases to sew up wounds, you saw "Rambo: First Blood" right. ;)
Yeah, needle and string can come in handy.
Especially that needle as a backup compass. On that note, it'd be smart to stick in a little bit of a magnet as well. Not a big chunk. Just a little bit.
Paracord comes in handy too, and ducttape too. Find something flat and wrap some duct tape around it for copmpactness.
Survival Kit:
1.)First Aid Kit
2.)Lighter , when it runs out of fluid you can get a piece of tissue paper if you have any which everyone does from like 5 years ago in their pocket and the sparks combined with cotton from your socks is able to light it up. I saw it on some nature show.
3.)Swiss Army Knife
4.)Space Blanket
5.)A CD as you said
6.)Needle and thread won't weigh you down
7.)Durable container that will not accidentally break.

Take a pack of greenlight matches (waterproof ones). Put a razor blade in the packet of matches, because say you have 50 matches, split them down the middle with the razor blade and you have 100 matches. It does work, just gotta be real gentle when lighting them.
My Kit:

- Button Compass
- Night Light (little candle)
- Flint/Striker (together on a bit of string)
- Matches
- Pencil
- Sewing Kit
- Wire Saw
- Whistle
- Snare Wire
- Puritabs
- Safety Pins
- Fishing Kit


- Plasters
- Bandages
- Antiseptic
- Painkillers
- Scissors

All in all wieghs about 2lbs and is the size of a tobbacco tin