I am a cadet in the ROTC Surfrider Battalion out of UC Santa Barbara, and I am proud to say that we have the best motto in both the real and wannabe armies.


yeah, we are that cool.
I like that one . Cool.... 8)

Do you have any more information about the Surfrider Battalion??
here you go, not very exciting stuff, our last engagement was never, but we're still hardcore haha.

can i get a HOO-AH!?

haha, by the way, one of my buddies is a redleg now. not quite as good as Armored Cav, but we cut him a little slack.
Hi and thanks..

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Just wondering, and thanks again....

"The fire is everything, the rest is nothing....." :firedevi:
Artillery Over All!!

boogie board? is this like Sgt. Killgore in Apoc. Now?

that is a really wicked motto though.
Thanks, not sure exactly what inspired it, besides our being right on the beach, but specifically I have no clue. But these days you could carry the whole platoon's short boards on one Blackhawk, and there'd be nobody left to actually do any fighting haha.
i can see it now...soldiers landing on the shore, rifle in one hand, boogie board in the other. :)