Super Bowl

Haha, well Im a Bills fan at heart, so just watching how they destroyed by boys that last week pushed me over the edge. Go Carolina!

You guys should see all the hype around here about them. I'm not a big fan of sports, but I can hardly wait till tonight to watch the game. :D
Uh oh, I had my eyes closed, who won?


That was one heck of a game, a hair's breadth from becoming the first superbowl to ever go into OT.
Boy if my family back in Missourri only knew I was rooting for a yankee team. One of my great uncles is still mad about the Civil War. :lol:
i saw the 2nd half, well the last 2 minutes of the 1st half and the half time show. pats won and .. what streaker?
i wish i was recording the game.. that second half was great!

janet was great
The streaker never aired...It happened right before kick off and CBS did not air it..........

YOU SEE THAT GUY KNOCK HIM DOWN??? LMAO i saw that and was laughing so hard..
Hes actually preety famouse, ESPN Page 2, a gossip like sports page is always talking about him. Apparently hes from England and tried to streak at Super Bowl 37 but couldnt get a ticket.