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I really like that Hitler one but unfortunately I can't add it to my sig because that makes my sig too long. that would make a good selling idea for the PX redleg. the ability to buy more sig space. I just want to add that quote and I'll be done.

And along with that if we can't earn interest when we have 2000+ dollars in the bank then do we still get charged interest if we withdraw. this doesn't apply to me yet but I want to know incase I have to start looking for loopholes ;)
I'll see if it's possible to increase the sig space in the PX.
I haven't found any options for it yet, but it should be possible.

When it comes to the bank, you will still be charged with the withdrawal fee...
But if you have 2000MilBucks in the bank, that shouldn't be a problem... 8)

I just had to add that limit because else inactive members with money in the bank would eventually flood the bank...
And the whole idea with MilBucks was to get you to post more. :wink:
lol, yeah if you have that many milbucks... i'm sure that you'll be ok :p... lol, i'm just now gettin busy and so i dont' ahve time to go over the 100 a day... should be rackin me up some sometime :wink: lol, anyways... lol

but i LOVE the sig idea... very good suggestion... now... maybe i should suggest bigger infos to AIM..... :D