Stupid things to do in a crowded elevator.


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Stupid things to do in a crowded elevator.

Put one of those laugh boxes in your pocket and activate it as everyone is trying to avoid eye contact. As soon as anyone even chuckles, yell out loudly - "What are you laughing at? You won't think it's so funny if you had Hyenous-terrette syndrome by Proxy" "It's not a pretty disease!"

Stare at one person, then speak inaudibly into the cuff of your sleeve with your other hand over your ear as if you were actually communicating with someone, then look at another person on the elevator and nod knowlingly.

When you hear the elevator bell ring as it stops on a floor, pretend that it is the emercency phone ringing and pick it up. Say "hello, yes, yes, what? I thought I told you never to call me here" and slam the phone down. Act real irritated.

Push all the buttons on the elevator making loud explosive noises as you push each button.

Push your finger into each floor as it lights up and act as if you were driving the elevator. Make a sound like squeeling brakes when the elevator stops and a noise like squeeling tires when it starts up again. Make a beep beep sound occasionally as if you were blowing the horn.

Mark an X on the floor with a piece of chock then move slowly and cautiously away from it never taking your eyes off of it. Whenever the elevator stops to discharge or pickup passengers warn everyone not to step on the X.

Take the elevator to the top floor and block the doors open. Then lie on the floor in a sprawled position and with a piece of chock draw the outline of your body to make it look like a crime scene outline. Unblock the doors and ride it down. Tell everyone getting on that you are a crime scene investigator and to try not to contaminate anything. Single one person out, then talk into your sleeve and put your other hand over your ear. Keep staring at the person you have singled out all the way to his stop.

Bring your VCR remote onto the elevator. Point it toward the floor buttons and push. When nothing happens shake the remote. Point it and push again. When nothing happens tap it several times and look annoyed. Point and push again and then when nothing happens push all the floor buttons and as the elevator stops on each floor simultaneously point and push your remote at the floor buttons. After doing this for three floors announce that the instructions on your elevator remote say to do this when it fails to work in order to clear the memory.

Sing the theme song to the Flintstones and ask everyone to sing along with you.

Make sounds like air brakes on a truck everytime the doors open and close.

Just say Bridge or 10 forward when you enter the elevator then mumble something about Klingons.

Look knowlingly at the person next to you and say -"you know what I like about riding these things?" Then smile and say "no tipping!"

Yell out - give me a B then say B, then yell out again give me a B then say B, then yell out again give me a B then say B, then yell out again give me a B then say B, then say what does it spell? Then put your index finger lengthwise between your lips moving it up and down to make that sound like BBBBBB.

Tell everyone on the elevator that you are ignoring them.

Bring some air sickness bags and pass them out to everyone that gets on the elevator.

Tell everyone that you used to be a mime until you lost your voice.

Tell everyone that they are in an elevator race and that you are suppossed to announce the race. When the elevator starts up start announcing like you would be calling a horse race with something like:
Now rounding the far turn everyone is neck and neck, going into the stretch they're still neck and neck and now heading for the finishline, lettuce is a head. tomatoe is trying to catch up, water is still running and bird poop is on the rail.

Get onto the elevator with a cardboard box full of bags of peanuts. As the elevator starts to move yell out, Hey peanuts, get your peanuts...

When the elevator stops at the lobby stand to the side of the door and say to each person as they get off 'bub-bye' just like they do on the airlines.

Tell people that you are claustrophobic and halfway to your floor stage a seizure. When the doors open tell everyone to stay back and run screaming off the elevator.

While getting on hold the doors open and open all the panels. Tell everyone that you are looking for this elevator's safety record and refuse to let the elevator move until you get to see it.

Wait for the first person to get on the elevator that insists on pushing his floor button even though someone has already pushed it. Then let out a big sigh and say, "oh great, now it will take two stops at this floor to clear that."
as a joke, I walked into a REAL crowded elevator, walked to the back, and faced the wall the whole way down to the first floor. Then I did a crisp about face, and marched out. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I've greeted people in on the elevator & i've said "Bye, you have a nice day now" when they get off. My friends do a lot worse :lol:
I ussaly stare at the person closest to me until look just about ready to g ocrazy, then i move on to myv next target :twisted: :rambo: