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A man's bone and skin can be burned away into powder and ash, but what's left is without form. Courage, duty and honor have no permanent home. ~In Harms Way: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis and the Extraoridnary Story of It's survivors

I was readin and happened to stumble upon this... really didn't know what to call the topic.. but i just thought i would share it
Anyone watch Anatomy of a Shark Bite on the discovery Channel? A bunch of scientists dispelled the myth that white tiped reef sharks were responsible for the "estimated" 1/3rd of the survivors deaths, and instead came to the conclusion it was Tiger Sharks...
actually a bunch of the deaths were caused from suicide or homocides... sometime on like the 3rd night, the men started killing each other... but the sharks attacked on and off at night, only actually killing 90 or so men i think is what it said... but they killed a lot.... you should read the book.. i strongly recommend it... gives me a new respect for the men, and a new "wtf" for JAG cause they weren't very fair about the trial for McVay in my eyes... ahhhh americans... ya can't love us but u can't hate us .... lol God Bless America :-D