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There has been several major strikes in Norway the last month:
Transport Workers (5 weeks, most stores was almost empty! :? ), Brewery Workers (No Beer! :shock: ), Journalists (So?? I read most of the news online anyway :D) and Hotel Workers
Teachers may go on strike soon too...

But what I wondered about is who would you really like to see going on strike?

My first thought:

Terrorists.. That wouldn't (literally) hurt anyone.. :lol:
What are all those strikes about? Money? Well if teachers go striking i bet there is going to be really many sad students :lol:. And i cant belive there is no beer in norway now....i feel sorry for you :p
Well here bus drivers strike for about 2 weeks by now,and traincompany is strikeing for about 3,so its very comon stuff here,get used to it :lol:
The strikes are over now, so WE HAVE BEER AGAIN! :lol:

So back to the topic:
Who would you really like see going on strike?? :)
Well i certainly wouldnt want the alcohol stores to go striking :p. I would like to see the president going striking and than DEA, FBI, CIA, Police...I know that this would mean anarchy but i think that it would still be really funny. 8)