Strange Search words...


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I scan through my visitor log almost every day, and sometimes I find some very strange search words that people have used to find this site..

I will post new ones here each time I find some.

Some are actually great, and I really wonder if he/she found what he really was looking for... :D

First an old one:
"Beautiful Prostitutes at reasonable prices" on
He/(She) ended up on one of my jokes pages.
Hm, did he/(she) find what he was looking for???? :lol:

And one from today:
"women in wwii flight suits" on
Ended up on one of the Russian Surplus pages.. :D
Yep, lots of hidden photos of Blond Russian girls in tight WW2 flightsuits there.. :lol: :lol:

Stay tuned, more will be posted soon..
I found the site by typing in "crackhouses with reasonable lease contracts."
Never did find any.

:lol: :lol:
The actual title to my page is "porn sex teens spanking virgins naked teens" (or something of that matter). Simply to attract traffic, which seems to work pretty well as I've been informed that a dude in Maine was quoting me on his AIM profile.

99.8% of people that visit it type "spanking virgins" in a search engine. I've left them a little message at the top of the page. :twisted: :twisted:
Hey Chris I checked out your website, not sue I understand everything, but I tell you what those hate emails you get sure are from some intellegent people. :p
YES! I love Maddox's site. He and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to a lot of things, I'm just not as big an hole as he is. :lol:

It's cool. Mostly just a spot for me to vent a lot of bottled up agression. Also, it's my little experiment on people that search the web for sites like that.

I need to update it really bad. Everytime I get started, I just find something else that takes that time away.
A couple of good ones today..

"Redneck Quotes", the site is nr.3 in google for this.
Looks like you are a popular guy Redneck, people are even searching for quotes from you! :D

"Vietnamese Pick Up Lines", the site is also nr. 3 in google for this one too.. :D
Lots of great Vietnamese Pick Up lines here.. :D
Haha.. 1 MilBuck extra pr week... :D

You're a real popular guy Redneck..
one more Redneck search today..

"redneck websites" on
The forum is nr.1 for this search.. :D
"men standing in water" on ????

I don't know what page he ended up on, or if he found what he was looking for..

But why does someone want to search for "men standing in water", and what did he expect to find???? :?