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US Army Comercials

Fine....I will tell you all about myself....allthough i dont think its necessary.
As for now i am living in sweden. I moved from poland 3 years ago, almost 4. I was living in the states for 2 years. I was going to schoo there. I am moving to us in 2 months. Poland was the country i was born in, and that makes polish my primary language. Its hard to tell which is my second language. I am 16 right now....i didnt want to tell caus i am probably one of the youngest around here. I might be a little naive but this is what being a kid is all about. I do see certain things though ;) . I have seen. You do not have to adjust your langauge depnding what country i am from and how old i am. I would just ask not to critisize my english. If anybody cares than im still learning spanish, just in case you need to know. And i do not see any further point of this topic because i have realized that some people are so stuck with their ideas (Including me) that there is no way to make them look at the thing in a different way. If you need to know my social security number or my exact date of birth message me :p
Thank you for that information. Had I known that earlier I wouldn't have said anything about your grammar. I know mine is not perfect either. If you were an American as I thought, however, I would have expected you to use the English language accordingly.
If you want to let this discussion die just don't post to it anymore.
One more thing, it's OK to be 16 around here. I don't think anyone will hold it against you ;) I don't adjust my language for anyone in particular so don't worry about that.
Oh and because this got moved to the Welcoming Center, welcome!
I split this one from the Army commercials thread, I think it fits better in here.. ;)

Thanks for your intro SpyFly, 16 is no problem in here, it's what you post and how you post it that matters.
Re: US Army Comercials

Spyfly said:
I am 16 right now....i didnt want to tell caus i am probably one of the youngest around here.

Oh, I don't think that's a big deal...

Welcome, good to have more people my age around. :D
Wlecome, I guess! The grammar's alright, it's easy to understand what you're saying, so it's all good.