Spurr of the moment..


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I didn't know if I was to put the quot/motto (or whatever it is called) in here or on the other thing, But you can move it to it's place where it belong Redleg..

Please. *Puppy Eyes*

Anyways, I was watching this movie and later on discussing it with a friend..

Then I mean a war movie of course, I don't remember it's name..

Then I proudly spoke out:

When the blood hit your face of your friend getting hit in one or the other way; I, as your leader, will look down and tell you to shoot back before that was just the taste of what you will see

That was me quoting myself as leader in my head when I have a artillery group to keep together.

But... Hmm..

When I come to think of it, I think I even told my friend that I would tell him that when we see eachother in the battle field.

Yeah, That was it.

Because he was b*tching with me and I got cocky and then spoke this fine words as I told him I would be the one to lead the artillery group.

Err, Don't know if the words should be classified as nice, But still..
Oh man, Thanks!


I have some.. I think.. Hmm.. :roll:

I gotta say though, I aint that good on it.. What do you think about my quote, err, signature that I have written to my own name?