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I think one of the major downsides or problems to this forum is definitely the lack of people here. Usually, the only two regulars are Redleg and I. We need to come up with a way to not only advertise M-Q.com, but the forum as well. I’ve already directly linked this forum on my site, for hopes more people will join up. Anyone have any suggestions?
One of the problems is that I haven't bothered to use the forum to much myself.. Until now.
I have upgraded the forum to ver. 2.0.4 now, and also added some new military avatars and smilies.
:m16: :9mm: :m16shoot: :flamer: :sniper: :2guns:

I'm planning to redesign the main site a little bit, and maybe promote the forum a little bit better there.

Visitors to www.military-quotes.com is not the problem, I have around 1000 unique visitors pr day now.. :D

Spread the word about this site and forum.
It's open for everyone!
The forum is certainly an excellent opportunity to talk to like-minded people and it's a shame that it has so far failed to take off. Most people visiting this site and in turn contributing to the forum appear to almost too likeminded; limiting argument and debate. From my experience military men from different countries tend to share the same core beliefs and political opinions. How about the inclusion of more contentious subjects, perhaps stirring up some healthy debate. Peoples opinion on a European Rapid Reaction Force, Recent Anti-war protest and the world's best SF?
I would agree Tom, although I think are central problem is our inability to get people here on a consistent basis. This certainly is a great site altogether, and Im confident that if we can increase traffic, perhaps we can get more dedicated members. I would also point in your direction the "Other Military Stuff" forum, which houses several discussions on current events and such.

Feel free to start any topic you wish, or run something by me, our Administrator Redleg will not be back until the 2nd of June, so I’ve been the only one here for some time now.