Sports Babes

silent driller

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I've come to a decision about the ladies that are on the gridiron during football games. They are, for the most part, true sports babes. They have hair that looks like it was just dragged out of bed, clothes that are totally horrible(this is the greatest quality in my mind), they wear little to no makeup, and they know exactly what they're talking about during the game. They can give you up to the minute stats and they show passion for the sport they speak for. What do you guys think of these special women? Do you think there are other qualities that I have missed?
Every girl I've dated has been some type of athlete. It has to be a combination of the stuff you mentioned, with their physique, and willingness to do whatever. I'm not saying the cheerleader type who doesn't know the score of the game is any less of a woman, but they just have a different place in my book. I kind of like them too. The only time they're a "problem" is when they interupt an ongoing play. ;)