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Ok.Let me say this is a very heated political debate. If anyone wishes to disagree with me, please do it politely, I assure you that I will treat you the same.

The wall of seperation is a plan by the Israeli govronment to put an obstacle between the occupied territories and the main Body of Jewish urban areas. This is done in some places by a concrete wall, in some places by a fence with electronic measures and patrols. The plan is taking fire from 3 diffrent places.
1-right winged Israelis who clame this fence will mark a future retreat to the 1967 lines.
2-Left winged Israelis who clame the fence is denies Palestinians of their basic human rights.
3-World leftern and humantirian organizations and parties, same reason as Israeli left.

My opinion:
The fence might be highly uncomfrtable, and I am sorryey for the Palestinians. However, A suicide attack is far more offencive to human rights, and if the fence stops Israelis from getting killed, its worth it in my opinion.
You make it

You make it sound so bad.Yes, i guss there are similarities....It dosent go right inside a city though....Allso, I dont recall pics of east berlinners playing in the snow so close to the wall.
Just on the little information I have about it, I am for it, since the Palestinians want their own state and have viryual autonomy anyway (correct me if I'm wrong here sherman), I don't see how that fence is different from the one we have between us and Mexico (of course a lot of hippies claim that that fence denies illegal immigrants their basic human rights, but those people are just a bit touched in the head).
I didn't mean it to sound bad.. I was just curious..

And I can't see why I would be against something like that. :?

I could have designed better though.. :roll:


In some places it seperates Palestinians from their families(well, very expanded families, some families are entire viliges...)
But mostly its fare enough

Home land security vs. human rights
Not an easy question.

One thing I have learned from working abroad is to try to see the case from both parties side..
And I'll try to do that here..

If I was an Israeli I would probably have that wall to secure my own people..
If I was a Palestinian I would be pi***d off by that wall, and my hatred towards Israel would probably grow even bigger...

I'm afraid that a wall like this is only a temporary security measure..
The Palestinian hate towards Israel will probably increase because of that wall, and the suicide attacks will get more and more intensive..

Hate to go against the rank system...
Listen Admin, as you saw, Im aware of both sides....Now, unfortunatly most of the Israeli public lost faith in our ability to influence the PLO. So, they think attacks will come anyhow. I agree with you that its a temp meassure, that must be complemented by political and diplomatic means. But right now I thik the Palestinians still think they can gain from violence...They are icouraged by people like you(not perposly obvcours) who say things to justify suicide attacks...
I'm aware that you are aware of both sides. (!?)
I didn't mean i personally against you..
It's just my way of thinking.

I'm totally against the suicide attacks of the Palistinians!!!
There's no cause in the world to justify such acts!

But as I have said before, violence leads to more violence..
I have no idea of what could end the violence down there, but I don't think that any more violence from any of the parties down there will lead to something good, it'll only make it worse...

As I also said: If I lived in Israel I would probably want that wall as well..
But I have learned a bit about the Palestinian way of thinking when I was down there, and I'm afraid that such a wall could make the situation even worse... (more hatred, more volunteers, more suicide attacks etc...)

But, untill a diplomatic solution is available, we have no option but to continue diplomacy in diffrent means
I understand that.

But a cure has to be found soon, can't go on and threat the symptoms forever..

I'll find a cure (solution) soon, and win the Nobel Peace price..
just give me couple of days.. :D
Here's a hypothetical solution for you sherman. What if there was no wall put up, Palestinians were treated with the same amount of respect andwhat not as Israelis and Palestinians could have a section of Israel to call there own all on the condition that the Dome of the Rock is destroyed and Solomon's temple is rebuilt. How would the people take that on both sides? Once again this is all hypothesis and I can't say this is what I would do. I'm just asking how people would react.


first of all, i would early suggest you never say anything about building the temple....The muslims dislike the notion and the (sane) jews know its absurd.
Now, you must see, last time the Palestinian and us really set down to talk, We offered about 96% of the territories, with the rest of the 4% traded for areas in the negev....they refused, so you see, not so simple.
As I recall (correct me if I’m wrong) that single spot of land where the temple once was, is as sacred to the Muslims as to the Jews (if you can compare that.) The problem is: it's a religion thing. There's no solution to this as long as both religions exist, and they both think they have more rights then the other. :cry:

Acctually, you are wrong. The spot where the temple was placed is the holyest to the jews. It is mentioned by name in the bible several times. The muslims have 3 sacred cities- Mecca-where muhamad was born and where he started preaching, Al-Madina- where muhamad fled to from mecca and where he started hes holy war from, and Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is NOT mentioned by name in the Koran, and is the least important of the 3.

But, the fact is that it dosent matter, as the musims see it as theirs. You xcant fight religous beliefs with facts.