Spain-another attack today


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What the heck is going on in that countery? Starting to sound like Israel....Suicide bombing today near Madrid....
A couple of days ago they defused a bomb on the tracks of a bullet train. The exact same type of bomb in the 3/11 attack, but they don't know if there is any correlation yet (I wouldn't wager against it).
apperently the terrorists are desprate if they are attacking now. Spain should be on its guard, otherwise more people are going to die.
You would think that due to the hundreds of years of terrorism/unconventional warfare by the ETA and the subsequent counter measures employed and lessons learned by the Spanish, they would be better prepared for such attacks. Of course the ETA almost invariably calls ahead and informs the authorities when they're going to blow something up (unless they are doing an assassination) so that the area can be cleared before they detonate the explosive. (At least according to the sources I used for my counter/anti-terrorism class last year, if anyone has more information on terrorism in Spain, I'd like to hear it.)