South African military flexes muscles ahead of Congo mission

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By Ed Cropley ROODEWAAL ARTILLERY RANGE, South Africa (Reuters) - South Africa's air force showed off its military might on Thursday with precision bombing and helicopter gunships firing fusillades of rockets just days ahead of an unprecedented "peace enforcing" deployment to eastern Congo. Two months after 13 troops were killed by rebels in Central African Republic in South Africa's heaviest military losses since the end of apartheid, Pretoria is gearing up to send 1,000 soldiers to Democratic Republic of Congo's volatile border with Rwanda and Uganda. ...

What muscles? the South African Army is a joke, its senior officers are Affirmative Action candidates promoted well above their ability, they couldn't run a infantry section let alone an Army. A cadre of Affirmative Action pilots went to UK for training by the RAF not too long ago, every single one failed the course, not only that they failed the IQ test required.

I understand that the RAF were not very impressed.
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