South African army deaths from Central African Republic rise to 14

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JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - One of 27 South African soldiers injured in March in fighting against rebels in Central African Republic has died, bringing to 14 the total killed in the clashes, a defense force spokesman said on Tuesday. The soldier, who was not identified, had been released from hospital on April 19 following an improvement in his condition. "Yesterday, he collapsed at home and was rushed to hospital, where he died," South African National Defense Force spokesman Brigadier General Xolani Mabanga said. Pretoria had originally reported 13 killed in the fighting. ...

The South African Army is a joke today compared to that pre 1994. Too many people are and have been promoted well above their abilities. As in the South African Air Force experienced men are leaving because of Affirmative Action, where promotion is based on skin colour and not ability.