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Friendly Civilian

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First of all, a BIG Thank you to the administrator for letting me post this! 8)
I recently opened a forum (end of december) it is to find friends to hang out with or to talk to (not a dating site!), it is targeted more for people who just moved to a new region and would like to meet friends and do activities together. I thought since the people in the military are stationed all over the place, they and their families could also benefit from this forum, to find some local non-military friends. If you could maybe check it out and spread the word, I would be very thankful!
Here is the link, but please remember this place is brand new, and the searchengines haven't picked it up yet. But they will and this place will be awesome! feel free to sign up!

And thanks :)

I am as my name suggests not in the military myself, so I doubt it that I really would have much to talk about this topic, but if any of you would like to visit that site and talk about other interest than military, I welcome all of you :)

Admin: I really like your site, you did a great job! Also as promised I will add your link to my site as a thank you!


ETA: I am not sure if this is the right topic to post this , so please move it if I placed it wrong, thanks!
You have a good site idea there!
I hope it will be successful!

Good Luck! :D
Good luck, and welcome to the forum. I wouldn't worry too much about being a civilian, half the members are, no stigma about it.
Thank you Redneck for the warm welcome! I am running two forums, which keep me busy plus ya know real life...but I will definitely drop in here once in a could I totally stay away now after such a firendly welcome from you guys ;)

I used to know some people in the military, since I live in CO springs, which has the airforce academy, fort carson and peterson AB... but they all moved away by now.
Oh, we're good at wooing people, practicing so we can get stationed in Malibu as recruiters.
Redneck said:
Oh, we're good at wooing people, practicing so we can get stationed in Malibu as recruiters.

I see LOL, well good luck!

I have a question: what are the gears? and how to get them? thanks :)
No, not too many people signed up...i have a spare forum,,,,i might do something like that again, maybe start out a little smaller this time.

Please email me to and let me know if interested, and i can email you back when it's ready :)

I will update everyone here...
Forum reopened


since the other forum was inactive and my old server ended up losing all data...i re-opened the forum on a new server, it is brand be patient...(but it pays off to wait, i have had many forums and with time they got all very popular.

I don't have a domain neme yet so just use this direct link: