Some Spanish Mottos in Latin


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Angeli me fecerunt

Angels chose me. From the RIMZ 31 'Asturias' (31 Infantry Regiment - 'Asturias'), from Spain. Also called 'The Crabs'.

Lusitania tessera omni armatura fortier

Lusitania's flag is stronger than all the armors. From the RCLAC 8 'Lusitania' (8 Cavalry Regiment - 'Lusitania'), whose motto is as well 'Venció en Tamames' (They won at Tamames - From the Battle of Tamames, 1809)

Desperta Ferro!

Awake the iron! From the BRIPAC VI 'Almogavares' (Sixth Airborne Brigade -'Almogavares')

Pro Patria Pugno

I fight for the homeland. From the RAAA 81 (81 Anti-Aircraft Artillery Regiment)

Sapientia, Fidelitas, Fortitude

Knowledge, loyalty, strenght - From the GACA V (Fifth Field Artillery Group)
Hoec nubila tollunt obstantia sicut sol

Like the sun, it dispels the clouds. From the RCAC 10 'Alcantara' (Cavalry Regiment 10 - 'Alcantara')
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