Some Quotes



Well the first is actually a proverb...

"The enemy is but weeds to be mowed"-- Aztec Proverb

"I will take care of the Spaniards in due time"-- Moctezuma II

"Good! Then we'll have our fight in the shade"-- Dienekes, when told that the persians would fire so many arrows that they would block out the sun.

"Dine well gentlemen, for tomorrow we'll have breakfast in Hell"-- Leonidas
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Great quotes, I'll add them to the site the next time I update it.
Yeah, I like the Aztec Proverb - that's a good one for cheering up your troops. The middle ones show a lack of appreciation for the severity of the situation. The last one is just great - this guys knew he was toast!

Anybody remember what King Charles of Sweden said while seeing the Russian countryside burning all around his army (and right before Poltava)? According to the mini series Peter the Great it was - "We have gained a valuable insight into the Russian soul. It will be most educational - if we don't die of it"