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well I guess I wasnt paying attention when I got to the forum lol. Redneck asked me to intro myself so here I am...

I've been in the military now for 14 1/2 years and september will make my 15 year mark. I raised my hand and was giving the oath on my 18th birthday...and yes I had a man holding some close friends asking me to cough on my 18th birthday also...not a glorious moment. lol

I was in basic training during Operation Just Cause. After basic I went to AIT as a Generator Mechanic and was an army reservist and went from a winter in New Jersey to a summer in Honduras back in 1990. Honduras had its plus' and minus' but I'd say it was worth the trip to help improve their economy during fuertes caminos '90. Then Desert Shield and Storm broke out and I was locked in my unit and couldnt volunteer. The Arty boys were sending "steel rain" so i figured if my unit wouldnt be called up I';d go regular to serve. After my AIT at FT Sill for 13B Artillery I was now active duty and the war was was April. I went to Ft Campbell...which had a unit I had admired growing up...the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). Now Im in DIVARTY and loving life being in a unit I had admired so, conducting air assault missions before AND after I went through THE Air Assault School.. But all things must come to an end and got sent off to Germany with the 1st Armored Division in Baumholder. Guys...I dont care if you liked Germany or not...this place sucked lol. It'd turn a preacher into an alcoholic lol. Well here we had the M109A4 howitzers and were facing going to Bosnia as a "peacekeeping or Peacemaking" force. We got ready to go. then instead of Bosnia, they sent our whole brigade to Ft Lewis where we joined the 2nd Infantry Division. In 1995, I went back to the reserves as a generator mechanic after alcohol kept me in trouble. Just last year I switched MOS's over to 54B which has since changed its designator to 74D Chemical Opoerations Specialist.

In all that space of time theres been the women, the comeraderie, the challenges, the sacrifices, the friendships, and I wouldnt trade not one moment for anything!

Stepping up to the plate and introed to the forum. permission to recover...
I'm not tired yet, but go ahead and recover. :D

Outstanding intro and welcome to the forum. Look forward to your posts.
:lol: Thanks for the introduction, Soldier, welcome to the forum. Like I said before, we got a passel of redlegs here (including some nutty Norwegian), so I think you'll have plenty of company there.

Our SgtMaj here was ADA with the 101st for quite awhile, and one of my good friends is commissioning next week into IN and his first duty station is Ft. Campbell. Just to toss out some random information. :lol:
Redneck said:
. Like I said before, we got a passel of redlegs here (including some nutty Norwegian), so I think you'll have plenty of company there.

Hey! Now watch yourself, I have the UTM grid coordinates of your house, and a battery of 155s standing by! ;)

Welcome Soldirzhonor, it's always great to have another Redleg here!
RnderSafe said:
Redleg said:

Gesundheit :mrgreen:

Hmmm, I have a 12 digit IP coordinate on you too, so just watch your steps, the deep rumbling sound your hear in the distance may not be thunder.... ;) :lol:
Welcome soldierzhonor. I'm sure you'll find the forum interesting. I'm looking forward to your posts.