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Here is a true piece of history regarding a VC of my regiment The Highland Light Infantry:-

"Willie Angus (1888-1959) grew up in Carluke, Lanarkshire. On leaving school he became a miner, but signed as a professional for Celtic in 1911. He played in the Scottish Championship during the 1912-1913 and 1913-1914 seasons. On the outbreak of war in 1914 Angus joined the 8th (Lanark) Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry, and became the first Scottish Territorial soldier to win the Victoria Cross (VC).
Celtic hero

Lance-Corporal Angus won his VC on 12 June 1915 at Givenchy in France. Under heavy bomb and rifle fire he rescued Lieutenant James Martin who was lying wounded within a few yards of the enemy's position. During this action he was wounded 40 times and lost an eye. Angus never played football for Celtic again. On recovering from his wounds he returned to Britain, and on 30 August 1915 the King presented him with the VC at Buckingham Palace."


Lance-Corporal Angus lost half of his right foot as well as one eye. He had insisted on going to collect a wounded officer who was too close to the enemy lines to escape himself; he tied a rope to his belt so that his comrades could drag him back. When he reached the wounded soldier he tied the rope to that man's belt so that he could be dragged back, and then he made himself an obvious target and moved in anither direction to draw fire; this is why he was hit hit 40 times.
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