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This topic may not be worldwide but what do you guys and ladies think should de done to the sniper shooters malvo i heard the other one is to be executed. Do you think malvo(the actuall shooter) should be executed also. The one sentenced to be executed is also a former army member i beleive
I live In Maryland so it was a big scare when they came through. Mohhammed was an Expert M-16 Marksmen in his time while he served in Ft. Lewis Washington.
They caught the s right around the corner from my school. I think they should send them to Iraq and have Iraqi snipers go after them. If they survive a year in coutry, toss them in prison anyway. If not, too bad.
Like a couple of months after they were arrested my Junior High
8th grade class were in a hotel near the Home Depot were one man
was shot. We didnt realize it but wen we were going to the Target there
one of the chaparones said its kinda wierd to be walking in the parking
lot of were that guy was shot.....