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when my dad was in the Marines there was a guy in his unit who was always making jokes
this topic is dedicated to some of those :)

they were in formation at camp legume(sp?) and being inspected so lt hammil goes up to smith and smith has a string hanging out of his pocket so the lt asks him "whats with that irish pennant?!" and smith lifts up his pocket, pulls out the string and a japanese beetle starts flying with the string tied to it and smith is standing there with a straight face with it and everyone else justs starts laughing :lol:

my dad, smith and one other guy were in the platoon and this other guy was real clean, didnt do anything wrong and shit, perfect dude. so he says somethin and it pisses off smith and smith turns around and says "shut up ya pat boone lookin mother****er!" :lol:

(for anyone that doesnt know pat boone was a singer that was squeeky clean, never in trouble with the law)

well, thanks for listening to me ramble on bout nothin :p