Signature Question


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is there a special reason why you(Redleg) are allowing images in the signatures after you asked me to take mine off? I won't be putting mine back up but I was just wandering.
It was nothing personal.. :D

I just changed my mind about images in the signature after I spoke to you.

Images are now allowed in signatures, but there are some rules for them.
You can read about this in the forum features.
errrrrr.... no dice.....

now what do i do? just take off the URL thing... and....

but what about the character limit?

i know that imagestation usually doesn't post on forums, but it works well in my other sigs... i'm just confused
the number of characters is a challenge..

I may implement an option to buy more signature characters in the future.
But right now you just have to find an image with less characters.. ;)