Si6 reportin in


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Greetings all :D

Si6 here former SGT "p" us army 82/92 mos 63t20 d3 h8
Basic in knox,1st perm in ft benning82/83 then to aschaffenburg 83/85
ft hood 85/86 schwabach/katterbach 86/89 ft riley 89/92 along with the live fire exercise known as desert storm
5 reforgers,8 ntc rotations first one was nov 82 last was july 92

seen a lo6t of changes in the army and with the equipment, from the m60 a1 to the m1hv and the m113 to the m2 m3 bradley

more later

the 63 series is mechanics right? And I'm guessing by your talking about how the equipment's changed, you worked with the m113 and such?

Anyways... welcome!
Thanks to all :lol:

yes a 63 series is a mechanic on the bradley/m113 series of vehicles
Plus i had a wrecker section/recovery section