shtop! ish not ready yet!


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to set the scene -

It is the middle of a training night excercise, around 3AM. A flight is seperated from their target by an old railway bridge covered in scaffolding. Their aim is to get eyes on for at least 30 seconds before withdrawal. (this flight happens to be mainly comprised of female cadets)

As the flight approaches the bridge the leadman calls the intervals to about 2 meters, apparently to clear the bridge as fast as possible, though if the enemy were to use ordnance... good job its training huh lol. the leadman calls the flight into staggered file formation and begins to approach the bridge, at which point myself and my corporal leap out of cam + con into their path screaming "SHTOP!! ITSH NOT READY YET!!" reminiscent of the grolsh adverts, needless to say there were female cadets flying in the air :lol:
So they Ignored the people yelling and still did the training exercise with people on the bridge?