Sergeant Stubby, WWI dog

Sgt. Stubby

Want a dog like Sgt. Stubby??? Get A Pit Bull Terrier.
B U T -- BE SURE that the breeder you use isn't breeding for fighting dogs, or person aggressive animals. The best way to discern if the breeder is honest, and in it for the right reasons, would be the hoops they make you jump through to see if you would be a good owner. References from your vet(s), groomers, other breeders and friends of mutual friends would be just a few examples if this is the case. Breeders in the breed for other issues should not be trusted: You could end up w/ a very sick animal, in many ways, and be supporting an industry that is giving dogs like Sgt. Stubbs a very bad rep, and tons of bad press. Not to mention the laws and cruelty to the animals.

If you do find a good breeder a Pit can be one of the best dogs you will ever own. I've just "saved" one, and she is SMART!!! and willing to do anything to please me... I can see why they make such great dogs in so many areas of work.
Good luck.. and Best wishes :brave: