I used to be in Sea Cadets but dropped it because they didn't offer any kind of officer training. It's great, it's officially recognized by the Navy, but it takes ages to advance and you can't go past Chief. My entire reason for NJROTC was to prepare me for Annapolis, which Sea Cadets won't do.
Nope, sorry. I'm in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. Soon to be a Naval Officer, though.
I really don't know. I'm in Southern California. I'm still waiting for them to contact me, I send in a request for information a couple of months ago.
about face:: I'm in cruiser milwaukee or i was in it, they have changed the days of drills so its hard for me to get to drills what rank are you, did you go great lakes for boot camp last summer, i was in division 004 what were you in, what TWT are you going to
wo dude, lota questions, im E-2T, going to camp maxey, texas this summer, then seabee training, and im in the Lonestar squadron, NAS JRB fort worth texas. and no ive never been farther north than tennessee