Scary Drill Performances

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I just got back from the scariest damn drill performance I have ever done! I snapped one of our rifles in half this morning doing a throw and it spooked the hell outta me. But I pulled it off beautifully tonight. Anyone on my drill team will know what I'm talking about when I say "Burgur King!"

Anyone else ever have a scary drill competition? Let's hear about it, folks...
Can't say that I've had any really scary Drill Team Competitions. Mind you, we only do foot drill, not rifle drill. Which brings me to the question Redneck asked. What kind of rifles WERE you using?
Well I can say our NJROTC class broke a few.

When our unit was formed back in the late 60s, the Navy had out fitted us with long rifles to use for parades, inspections, and drill. We had 100 used 1903 Springfield bolt action rifles with those long wooden stocks. These were kept in a special vault type arsenal to prevent their theft. When the navy found out that we had 100 % working rifles in 1975 (no barrel stoppage: no bolt weld: real working rifles) they freaked.

They sent us 100-barrel jammed, welded bolt rifles immediately. These came with those long, light tan, ugly nylon stocks. Well our armory team got together and stripped off 50 of the wooden stocks, and gave the navy back the working weapons with 50 of the newly delivered nylon stocks.

Within a year, we had broke 10 of the stocks; three in one night during a football game halftime performance. Seems like you just can high toss a rifle just fine, but if you don’t have members with enough height on them to catch and slow it down...the butt strikes hard, and you get a long split stock.

After the 10th one broke...well they stopped letting the drill team use them. I remember that the final 40 were reserved only for the seniors in the program.

not exciting...but it does bring back memories ;)
RnderSafe said:
Gotcha, that whole "snapping a rifle in half" thing had me wondering there.

Never snapped an M-16 in half with your teeth? Pffft. :lol:

Ever seen "The Last Samurai" Sir? I got to get me one of them swords, I wonder if it can pierce a tank, too? :lol:

On-topic, my "scariest" or actually most embarrassing Color Guard performance was the first time I was CIC, after presenting arms to the ranking officer and receiving permission to post colors, I whacked my chrome dome with the saber on order arms, sounded like a daggone church bell.
I was using an m 14 with a wodden stock that I had sanded and laquered myself. I wanted to cry! :D BTW our drill team broke 2 more rifles the other day including a fiberglass one(GEEZ!) so our commander has ordered us to do our experimental throws with the "Wal Mart" rifles. :lol: