SAS Survival Guide (Collins Gem) by John Wiseman

A Can of Man

Je suis aware
This is an absolute must have sort of book for anyone who's interested in camping or has the sort of work where one may be put in a survival in the wild sort of situation.
It's incredibly detailed, covering topics ranging from what you should have in your pack, survival mentality, making shelter, finding food, nutrition information, poison testing methods, first aid, etc. and covers these subjects with respect to multiple environments such as the arctic/winter areas, jungles, forests and deserts.
On top of that it's only pocket sized. Of course, full color. In any survival kit, this book could very well be the most essential item.
I'm not saying this to market the book or anything, but I've seen a few books that cover this genre but few are as direct, practical and handy as this.
If you're a regular dude with an almost 0% chance of suddenly being thrown out in the wild, you can pass on this. But look at what happened to the guy on Cast Away ;)