Sarkozy Seals Defense Deal With Britain

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USA Today
March 28, 2008
Pg. 4

French President Nicolas Sarkozy ended his state visit to Britain by locking up a multibillion-dollar defense deal and vowing to cooperate on issues that include curbing the spread of nuclear weapons technology, defeating Islamist extremists in Afghanistan and pressuring the United States to bend to the European view on climate change.
Sarkozy said he may still boycott the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in China — something Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown insisted he would not do. "I reserve the right to say whether I will attend," Sarkozy said.
Sarkozy has said a boycott may be a proper gesture toward Tibet, which China has occupied for decades and where its military troops have arrested and killed an unknown number of Tibetans in recent weeks in a crackdown against anti-China demonstrations.