Sally Cadence

(my personal favorite version):

Mamma told Sally not to go Downtown;
Too many Tanker's hangin' around;
Sally got the a** and she went anyway;
Wore a little skirt, and she had to play;
Three months later, all is well;
Six months later she began to swell;
Nine months later, out it came:
A mad-dog-baby-tanker swingin' a chain!
Oh come on now ya know no tread head got Sally.

Momma told Sally
Not to go down town.

To many Jarheads
hangin around.

That little girl
she disobeyed.

She went out
and got herself laid.

3 months later
all is well.

6 months later
beginin to swell.

9 months later
out it came.

A little baby Jarhead
swingin a chain.


Skiborne Trooper
Jungle Fighter
Scuba diver
Life of Danger
Recon Jarhead
So many versions! lol.

I learned it like this:

9 months later
What a beautiful sight.

A little baby Ranger
ready to fight.