SA Border war

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Probably the most under-and-miss reported war of the 20th century. What did happen there? Did SA enter Angola or invaded it, did the Cubans end colonialism and Apartheid or is it one of Castro's wet dreams? Ever heard of the Recces and 32 Batallion, the G5 and G6 howitzer or of the Ratel, Olifant tank and off course the Buffel and Casspir APC's? Everyone of these points raised is a discussion itself. So if you have knowledge to share please join the discussion :firedevi:
South Australia borders Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

We have never been at war with anyone.:smile:

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A very good friend of mine was 32 Battalion based on the Caprivi Strip. Today he is a Captain with the Cape Town Highlanders.

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I'm interested in the G5/G6 and what kind of anti-tank tactics were used to offset the Cuban T-55's.